4000+ Domain Registered Company For Sale Only 15k

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    I have web hosting and domain registration business that focused on global market user, The business run as reseller from resellerclub.com .All of system use Supersite and Orderbox to sell and manage client (no WHMCS/Other whitelable billing software used)

    The Brand it self has been run from January,2011 I sell it one whole package including domain name (brand) and customer with the following summary:

    Total Registered Customer: 555
    Most of Customer coming from Bulgaria, Canada, United States and Indonesia and Little from:
    United Kingdom

    Total Active Domain and Services
    Domain Registered: 4044
    Multi Domain Hosting: 7
    Single Domain Hosting: 3
    Reseller Hosting: 29

    Income Forecast
    Domain Registered: $32,017.86 (Annually)
    Multi Domain Hosting: $78.13 (Monthly) or $937.56 (Annually)
    Single Domain Hosting: $19.77 (Annually) or $237.24 (Annually)
    Reseller Hosting: $ $1,773.71 (Monthly) or $21,284.52 (Annually)

    No owned/leased server and no owned/leased license, all of products purchased from resellerclub.com with Pay-As-You-Go Model
    No staff transfer
    No Building/Office transfer

    Reason for Selling
    I run many online brands and services – this one is the smallest and selling it will provide one-time funds for me to focus run other local brands

    Next Steps
    Please don’t waste time – if you are not in a position to make a cash offer, everyone will be better off if you don’t complete the NDA. We are not interested in payment plans, lowball offers, etc…


    1. Please prepare $1 PayPal (this is very-very small fee, and i agree to wipe out this fee if you fly to Indonesia and meet me face-to-face)
    2. Download and Pay $1 Paypal from http://store.payloadz.com/go?id=2119334 The Document Contains Mutual-NDA and More Detail SummaryReport
    4. Interested purchasers in NDA are “Second Party (Purchaser)”
    5. Read and initial all 3 pages NDA
    6. Complete and sign the NDA on page 3, as “Second Part (Purchaser)”
    7. Sent NDA back to me via email: cempakatech@gmail.com

    I will complete our side of the NDA and give you remote meeting via Teamviewer, I will show you all of account details, client details, domain, etc via Teamviewer.

    $1 PayPal is non-refundable, I have explain enough details here. If you cancel and not willing to buy after remote meeting please don`t waste time and don`t submit PayPal dispute.

    I will transfer my business to you after receive full of 15k USD in my paypal or my bank.

    Account Transfer:

    If you have active resellerclub.com account, I able to help you transfer all of registered domain and services to your resellerclub account

    If you don`t have resellerclub.com account you must sent me a valid national ID and registered company proof also sign an authorization letter to take over full right of my resellerclub account

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