[ask] Problem with DNS setup

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hallo Tuan2 semua :)

aku mau tnya nih , aku sering banget dapet email dari Cpanel seperti ini

The hostname (mantaphosting.com) resolves to It
should resolve to Please be sure to correct
/etc/hosts as well as the 'A' entry in zone file for the domain.

Some are all of these problems can be caused by /etc/resolv.conf
being setup incorrectly. Please check this file if you believe
everything else is correct.

You may be able to automatically correct this problem by using the
'Add an A entry for your hostname' option under 'Dns Functions' in
your Web Host Manager
itu kenapa ya Tuan ??
padahal sudah aku setting dns zone di server aku yg 1 di domain

mohon pencerahannya :)


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kemungkinan propagasi dns belum sempurna, atau coba di cek ulang record2 mantaphosting.com

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