Become a Reseller of Web Hosting.

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If you wish to become an Host100Gb hosting reseller we offer a range of hosting packages for you to choose from. We provide a reliable and hassle free hosting service on our fast and powerful server which will allow you to host and manage all your websites under one large master account. If something goes wrong or you have any service questions, you get to talk directly to us by phone or email. Each package contains an extensive list of standard features, you only have to decide on how much storage space and bandwidth you need.

Standard features include:

* WebHost Manager 11 Reseller Login to setup, monitor usage and manage each web account (read more about WHM and Cpanel)
* Disk space: 100Gb, BW: 100Gb
* Cpanel 11 control panel to manage the details for each account
* Unlimited Hosted Accounts
* Unlimited Domain Aliases
* Unlimited Email Boxes
* Unlimited MySQL Databases
* Unlimited Subdomains
* Supports SSL
* Daily Backup
* Catch-All Email Support
* Unlimited Email Forwarders
* Unlimited Mailing Lists
* Unlimited Email Autoresponders
* Password Protected Directories

Additonal services we provide:

* Dedicated IP address - $5 per month
* SSL registration and hosting - $25 per month
* Domain registration - at cost plus service time at our hourly rate.

More details visit :

To learn more feel free to contact us: [email protected]

Please note the term "unlimited" used above is for reasonable use subject to our discretion.


Become a Reseller of Web Hosting

Reseller web hosting allows clients to become web hosts themselves. A client can access WHM Web Host Manager and use their allocated disk space and bandwidth to create Web hosting accounts which this client can now sell.

You can create packages how ever you want and sell them for as much as you like.

Reseller Hosting is popular for Web developers who would like to host many websites
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