Digital Marketing needed for Sports equipment brand

Putu Tari

Beginner 1.0
We're looking for an enthusiastic female social media manager/growth hacker for:
1) social media management: grow our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest accounts and handle all communication through our social media channels
2) content marketing
3) influencer management: reach out to influencers and keep an open line of communication
4) assist with customer support
5) assist with lead generation to help us boost performance on marketplaces
6) help us grow our company with creative marketing
We need this to be a fulltime position as we don't want to be yet-another-client and want you to fully focus on our brand. However, our budget for this position is currently very limited, so emerging countries might be a better fit.
- responsible
- fluent written English
- able to get things done without needing followup
- able to work independently
- able to keep track of many documents
- comfortable to create- and work according to procedures and checklists
- consistent / well structured
- able to communicate in a casual, likable, and positive way
- eager to learn, follow courses (provided by us) and implement what's thought in the course.

- ****need to be from JAKARTA area****
Paid advertising is out of scope.
Our target market is ballet, dance, cheer, yoga, gymnastics. It would be great if you have some affinity with any of these.
Please note the following:
- We're looking for somebody to join our team and make our brand your priority. This job will require at least 6 hours hands-on work per day, so if you're looking for a social media management gig that can be managed by creating a posting plan and scheduling posts and be done with it, this job won't be a good fit.
- please start your cover letter/message with the word metropolitan so I can see at a glance that you've read this job post properly and can easily filter out mass applicants
- We have a limited budget for this job and can't afford a fulltime US / European salary for this and this job right now, so unless you're ok with that, this job is probably more suitable for applicants from emerging countries.

Thanks for your interest and looking forward to possibly work with you!
Job Type: Full-time
Salary: Up to Rp7,000,000 per month
Part-time hours: 40 per week
Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Subcontract
Salary: Rp5,000,000 - Rp7,000,000 per month

Please email your CV to [email protected]