HostGator Acquired by Endurance Group

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HostGator has been sold to Endurance International Group in a $225 million USD deal. No confirmations have been made on the financial terms.
Brent Oxley recently confirmed the acquisition to HostGator employees in an email: “I have indeed agreed to sell HostGator to Endurance International Group…We are currently under contract and if everything goes according to plan, Endurance International Group will be purchasing HostGator in the next 3-4 weeks.”
Oxley reassured HostGator employees that the sale would not impact their jobs and expects that EIG will continue to grow the Web hosting business as they have after acquiring BlueHost in 2011.
In fact, notes Oxley, “I’ve heard that Endurance International Group with HostGator will be even bigger than GoDaddy.”
Oxley Leasing will retain ownership of the HostGator office space in Austin and Houston and plans are being made by EIG to renovate the Houston offices, which includes a 10,000 square foot (or more) expansion. The Austin facility will undergo a 30,000 square foot expansion, according to the email.


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wahh dijual $225 million USD ?
kalau dirupiahin dapat berapa ya?? yang pasti bisa buat makan anak cucu 7 keturunan hehe

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link-nya mati ya
tp beritanya bagus makasih, baru tahu hostgator di akusisi, moga2 aja pelayanan semakin baik
wah calon pembelinya yg punya bluehost ya ? tambah besar aja dia ya :D
gile mau nyaingin godaddy ...
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