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Apprentice 1.0
The Softaculous Virtualizor team has been working hard and we are the only VPS Panel which supports OpenVZ, Xen PV, Xen HVM and Linux-KVM.
Version 1.3 was launched with the following features :

1) Virtualizor now has the much awaited Clustering Feature. Virtualizor is capable of Slaving and Unslaving servers on the Fly. A master can unslave a server, and the unlsaved server can continue to work without the master, as it if were never a slave.
2) XML API has been implemented for Enduser and Admin Panel
3) JSON API has been implemented for Enduser and Admin Panel
4) PHP Serialize API has been implemented for Enduser and Admin Panel
5) IPv6 Support
6) Logging of VPS Startup errors
7) OS Temlates / ISO missing on a slave server will be fetched from the Master if available
8) WHMCS module for Virtualizor KVM is now available
9) New WHMCS Module with loads of features. The old WHMCS Module is incompatible with Virtualizor 1.3 . Please update the Virtualizor WHMCS Module :
10) The Kernel Configuration editor bug has been fixed
11) Volume groups other than vg used to cause errors in Virtualizor KVM version. This is now fixed
12) KVM ISO not shown while adding VPS, this is now fixed
13) Logo URL not working, this is now fixed

More exciting features will be coming in Virtualizor 1.4.
Our WHMCS Module is the best you can get for a VPS Management Panel.

Virtualizor has been free since it was launched on September 22, 2010.
The Virtualizor Team has decided to make it into a Premium VPS Management Panel. Making it Premium will help us to develop Virtualizor at a much faster rate and also it will add to the Brand Value for Hosts offering Virtualizor.

The pricing structure we have decided is very competitive.
1) $9/month/Server for Unlimited VPS
2) If you do not want Unlimited VPS license and want licenses for 1-8 VPS, the rate for such a license is $1/month/VPS. e.g. If you want to host only 2 VPS, then you can buy a Virtualizor License of 2 VPS at $2/month
3) Trial License for ONE Month is Free

As an Introductory offer, if you buy a Virtualizor License before 31st March 2011 your license expiry will be extended by twice the time. e.g. If you buy for 6 months before 31st March 2011, the license will be valid for One Year i.e. 12 Months.

You can buy Virtualizor from here :

All existing Licenses will get Premium License service for 6+ months for FREE. Their License will expire on the 30th of September, 2011. There are nearly 600 license in active use of Virtualizor.

Version 1.4 will also add new features. The whole website is also being worked upon. Lots happening here and we will make Virtualizor the Best VPS Panel available.

Please post your views in this topic.

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