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Dicari: Full timer website programmer

Job Description:

Job Summary
The fully operational multimedia programmer completes assignments usually from detailed instructions. This classification requires sufficient knowledge of programming techniques in order to encode, execute, test and maintain programs

Principal duties and responsibilities
1. Create multimedia application compatible with requirements
2. Encodes, executes, tests and debugging operation programs and procedures under supervision
3. Provides documentation of encoding process
4. Performing analysis, programming and modification of costumer application
5. Determines forms, procedures, and other documentation needed for the installation, and maintenance of application programs
6. Perform other duties as assigned

Minimum education and experience requirement
Bachelor degree or relevant experience in computer programming, 0-3 years of experiences.
Knowledge of multimedia and website’s developing program language such as Dreamweaver (PHP, HTML, ASP pages), Flash (Action Script 2 & 3), Director (Lingo) and/ or other multimedia application.

website: www.athiaskreavindo.com
email [email protected]
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