Parallels Delivers Blueprint for Providing Profitable Cloud Services

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Cloud services enablement leader, Parallels today announced the launch of its free Cloud Service Provider Blueprint and complimentary whitepaper to help service providers profit from the Cloud.

IDC forecasts that worldwide revenue from public cloud services will reach $55.5 billion in 2014, a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 27.4%, with 25 percent of all new IT spending in 2014 being on cloud services.

With such significant growth, service providers of all types are competing for business and need to determine the appropriate strategy to guide them through the complexities of delivering the right, and most profitable, cloud services.

The Parallels Cloud Service Provider Blueprint identifies and addresses the necessary elements of a complete Cloud service delivery platform, from provisioning to infrastructure management to service integration. It examines issues such as how to manage the thousands of components and varied technology platforms required to deliver a Cloud service, the importance of self-service enablement, and whether to employ a usage or user-based billing business model.

“The Cloud is having a major impact on IT prompting service providers of all categories to adapt their strategies to deliver services in the Cloud,” said Jack Zubarev, President of Marketing Alliances at Parallels. “However, there has been little discussion about what it takes to launch these services quickly and deliver them profitably, and that remains a significant challenge within the industry. Our Cloud Service Provider Blueprint is the industry roadmap for how to gain a time-to-market edge in a highly competitive segment, and how to architect for profitability.”

The Cloud Service Provider Blueprint highlights the necessity of leveraging a service delivery platform that is purpose-built for the Cloud, with capabilities to provide a full set of services and a seamless user experience for the entire service lifecycle, from ordering to consuming to de-provisioning.

“The Parallels Cloud Service Provider Blueprint is a comprehensive and holistic framework for service providers to use when thinking about their Cloud delivery strategy,” Melanie Posey, Research Vice President, Hosting & Managed Network Services at IDC. “It is particularly helpful for any organization that is serious about providing Cloud services.”

The Parallels Cloud Service Provider Blueprint was developed based on Parallels’ experience with thousands of companies providing hosted and cloud services.

“We are always striving to deliver the best customer experience possible, supported by the best products,” said Joshua Barratt, Chief Technology Officer at Media Temple. “The Parallels Cloud Service Provider Blueprint will help us to continue to deliver the greatest value and highest performing Cloud services that our customers expect.”
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