[sekadar berbagi] hacking threat..

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Diambil dari: http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1063703

I had user referred from a thread of mine in the advertising forum at WebHostingTalk. Below is what was said

Vistor: Hello
Visitor: I am an expert in the field of professional management and protection of servers and I want to work with you

Me: Sorry, we're not interested in this at this time.

Visitor: Professional experience of more than 5 years

Visitor: Private tuition expert and professional in the field of protection

Me: We already have a team

Visitor: But your protection is very weak
Visitor: Do you want to give you proof
Visitor: I guarantee you will not break any site on the server
Visitor: If you agree

Me: I don't want proof

Me: We have other staff who deal with the security side of things.

Me: And we make offsite backups, etc.

Visitor: Well say goodbye to your server now

Me: That is a threat?

Me: You should be careful with your wording.

Me: Just a bit of advice.

Visitor: My friend, I will stop your server now so incredible

Me: What is the problem

Me: ?
Visitor: Either give me money or you broke the server
He even added his email address to Live Chat. And the bit after [email protected] must be his company domain. The site is Arabic. I have is IP also which is from Pakistan.

Just a warning to other web hosts.

wah apes juga ya kalau dapat yang beginian..

ada yang pernah mengalamin kayak yang diatas ?


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wkwkwk ngeri. .dah. . Maksa bgt. .hehehe :p


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Waduh ini ibaratnya ada orang yg suka merusak periuk nasi orang lain ya... :(
Terus ending-nya gimana tuh?


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belum ada kelanjutannya.. kayaknya hoax
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