Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS)

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A virtual dedicated server or virtual private server (VPS) is the technique to offer one of the methods of partitioning a server computer so as in can be made available to multiple users. That way, each server would have the façade as well as the capabilities of being able to run on its own on a dedicated computer or machine. With every vps hosting, there would be a developed operating system, which could independently run as well as reboot each server.

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let me know, how max CPU resource usage / CPU load allowed for the master node (in case for the best performance)?
For example I have Xeon 4cores node with 16GB of ram, hosted for 30 vps (each vps have 512MB of ram -OpenVZ-), how max cpu usage / load that fit for the best performance of the vps's & the node it self?

thanks for sharing your insight :)
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