WHD Asia

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Apprentice 1.0
WHD Asia di Thailand, ada yang pergi?
Mumpung gratis tiket, gratis hotel.


Poster 2.0
saya iseng-iseng menanyakan apakah acara serupa akan digelar di Indonesia dan kapan, lalu mendapatkan jawaban seperti ini:

Thank you very much for your interest in WHD.asia. If you want you can also send a college of you to the first WHD.asia. The Hotel stay for the one night is for free. Then he can collect some impression, can make some new business contacts for you and can later report to you.

Is there another hosting event in Indonesia?

It is our first step to the Asian market with an spin off of the world largest hosting event. So we will see if it will be an success. After that we can decide the next steps.

Best regards
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