FYI: Softaculous 3.4 launched

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Mantap .. Softaculous 3.4 dah dirilis euy ..


The Softaculous Team has released Softaculous 3.4
This version of Softaculous adds some cool new features and fixes some bugs. This version adds the capability to create Plans and assign different users to the specific Plans.

A complete list of changes:

1) Added the feature to create Plans and limit scripts by plans. The Admin can now create plans by chossing specific scripts and he can assign users to these plans. A user which has a plan assigned to him can only access the scripts available in those plans.

2) Added the feature to edit the details of an existing installation. If you have moved a installation from location A to location B or modified the SQL Login Details, you can now update Softaculous with the correct details.

3) Added the feature to disable Demos for the users.

4) Added the feature to disable Ratings for the users.

5) Added the feature to disable Reviews for the users.

6) Added the feature to disable Screenshots for the users.

7) Added the feature to ENABLE suggestion of RANDOM MySQL Prefixes, when a user installs a script.

8) Improved the installapi.php file to use CURL.

9) Added feature to ignore SVN files in the scripts folder for CUSTOM INTEGRATIONs.

10) For simplifying the licensing process to determine the IP seen by our servers, we have added that information in the Admin Panel itself.

11) Made changes for Softaculous for Desktops ( This is coming SOON.

12) We have added the feature in cPanel to detect the language of the user and use the respective language in Softaculous.

13) Bug Fix : When removing a installation, the email sent "Today" in the Mail body. This has been rectified.

14) Bug Fix : In Plesk there was a small bug when shifting domains. This is now fixed.

15) Bug Fix : In H-Sphere there was a bug for MySQL usernames when a user had accounts on multiple servers. This is now fixed.

We hope you enjoy this version of Softaculous and our new products Webuzo ( and AMPPS (

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Btw, ampps ini untuk apa yaa???

baca2 dikit sih kayak xampp di desktop .. cuma plusnya dia ada auto installer untuk aplikasi2 yang sudah siap pakai CMIIW
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