Great News!!! Indonesia sudah bisa menerima pembayaran PayPal

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Ini bakal membantu jual/beli online, mudah2an secepatnya bisa juga langsung menggunakan bank di Indonesia. :D


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Pemberitahuan resmi dari PayPal

Dear my name,

New Withdrawal & Receiving features are now available!

Withdraw Funds to Your Debit or Credit Card
We’re pleased to announce the launch of a new withdrawal feature, allowing you to transfer funds from your PayPal account to your Visa branded debit card or credit card1. Learn how to get convenient access to your funds now.

Receive Money in Indonesia & the Philippines
In addition to the existing sending money capabilities and the new withdrawal features, registered members in the Philippines and Indonesia can now receive funds from 190 markets and 17 currencies.
Important: You’ll need to be a verified member to use the new withdrawal feature. Learn about verification (known as the Expanded Use Program).

Still using the old PayPal logo?

Now is the time to update your old PayPal logos or buttons if you’ve manually inserted on your eBay listings or host them on your website. Update now.

Safety Tips: More ways to protect your identity online
Did you know safer web browsers, like Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 (IE7), make it easier to help you identify fake (spoof) websites and webpages that try to get you to enter person information with the intent to steal your account?

PayPal supports anti-spoof technologies in the next-generation web browsers to help you avoid fraud and identify theft. Learn ways to protect your account.

1. Eligibility to withdraw funds to a Visa credit/debit card may vary based on the issuing banks guidelines.

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hmmm semoga saja perbankan kita bisa mengikuti perkembangan transaksi online jangan ngeblock atau jagoan LOCAL saja.

Bayangkan hampir seluruh produk perbankan dengan kartu debit ATM berlogo VISA namun tidak bisa di gunakan di internet.....ini namanyan jagoan local saja atau tidak mampu mengembangkan system kemanan di internet katanya begitu....cpaek dehh


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Kalau duit itu masuk ke VISA (Apakah artinya Visa kredit card kan?, bukan Visa Electron debit card?) maka gimana caranya kita menarik duit itu menjadi cash?
Jika ambil cash advance, seingat saya ada charge lagi dari provider kartu kredit sekitar 4%.
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