How do I get risk free vps?


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may be.. if you have a family which VPS Hosting business

BUANA dotnet

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Is there any way to get 1 year risk free vps means without any hidden charges or T&C?
Hi, i believe most of VPS offer here are not implying hidden charges.

While for T&C, it should follow normal internet industry. But, again, mostly the T&C is reasonable enough

Even in dedicated server, still bound to same TnC


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you must ask to the sales team before order the vps :D


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I have found ServerBasket on the Internet for a dedicated server without any risk, should I go with them? if you have any experience with this hosting provider please let us know.
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there is no such thing "as risk free" in the world.. anything that can go wrong will go wrong, at the worst possible time.