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We've recently designed a Mass Ping site where you can copy/paste or upload a .txt file with the URL's of where your backlinks are at.

What's Pinging?
- Pinging notifies the search engines there has been an update to a website/blog's pages.

Why Ping My URL's?
- Pinging your URL's increases the chances of the search engine spiders finding your pages where your backlinks are at.

What Is
- is the absolute best ping site online today! You can ping as many url's as you'd like, there's no limit like other sites that claim they are "mass ping sites"! An Elite Programmer and an Elite SEO/Internet Marketer put their heads together and came up with for everyone to use to help increase their SERPs.

How much does cost?
- IT'S FREE! Yup, that's right! 100% FREE!

*** Update ***

We've added the option to add an RSS and you can now pick which servers you would like to ping.

Try it out and let us know what you think about it
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