Softaculous 3.2 Released

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Just share, Softaculous 3.2 dah dirilis .. wah tambah mantap aja nih fitur yang ditawarkan ..

The Softaculous Team has released Softaculous 3.2
This version of Softaculous adds some minor features and fixes some bugs.

A complete list of changes:

1) We have reached 175 scripts in Softaculous.

2) Large installations could not be backed up because of Resource limitations. We have now made some major changes to be able to backup large installations. The resource utilization will also be very minimal.

3) Restoring Large installations also faced problems of Resource limitations. The new code will be able to easily restore. We have tested installations ranging from 1-2 GB in size.

4) The version was not being restored when an installation was restored from a old backup. This bug has been fixed.

5) We have added a Notify feature near the version of each script in their Overview tabs. This feature can be used to notify us if we have missed on a scripts update.

6) Multiple Installations Remove has been added to Softaculous. You can remove many installations if you would like to.

7) Backups made in Softaculous (DirectAdmin and Plesk) were not being downloaded. This has been fixed.

8) The category was not shown when viewing the Ratings and Demos page in Softaculous. This has been fixed.

9) 4Images was not being imported from Fantastico when the Admin Import Utility was used. This has been fixed.

10) In cPanel if the Database prefix was disabled in 11.28 it caused errors in Softaculous. A fix has been provided in this version.

11) Softaculous had some integration issues with Plesk 10. This is now fixed.

12) Changes have been made for integration into Parallels H-Sphere. The H-Sphere version will soon be released.

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