Softaculous 3.3 launched

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The Softaculous Team has released Softaculous 3.3
This version of Softaculous adds some cool new features and fixes some bugs. This version improves the Softaculous Integration for Plesk and H-Sphere.

A complete list of changes:

1) In Plesk Softaculous Enduser could be accessed only if one logged in as a Client or a Domain User. We have now made it possible for the admin to use the Softaculous Enduser panel directly for any domain.

2) Added the Installatron Importer in the Softaculous Admin Panel. Now easily import installations from Installatron

3) We have added a Command line admin importer which will import installations made via Installatron or Fantastico.

4) Made changes for Standalone Softaculous (Webuzo) -

5) Its now possible to integrate Softaculous into a Custom Panel -

6) Added the Russian Language pack.

7) Added the Hungarian Language pack.

8) In the category view we have added logos of all scripts in that Category for faster navigation .

9) We have now added Multiple Screenshots of scripts in Softaculous. You can see these screenshots by clicking on the Screenshots tab while installing a script.

10) We have designed new standard icons for all scripts in Softaculous. These icons can be seen in the Script Demos and Script Ratings page in Softaculous.

11) Added the Admin URL in the Installation Emails sent after a script installation is completed.

12) Added the option to Randomly Generate password while installing a Script. You can enable this from the Softaculous Admin Panel -> Settings.

13) Added option to disable email sent to endusers when script updates are available. You can disable these email from the Softaculous Admin Panel.

14) Added TimeZone GMT +6.5 hours as an option.

15) Added the Softaculous Admin Panel link in PLESK for easy navigation in the Softaculous Enduser Panel (if you login as the Admin).

16) Added the noemail API Option for the install API.

17) Added a new Category - DB Tools.

18) Added the Port option in Softaculous H-Sphere Installer. If you have configured H-Sphere to run at another port other than 8080, you can now specify the port while installing Softaculous.

19) If the Unix Username of a user account was greater than 8 characters, the installation wizard still suggested 7 characters as a Database Name. This is now fixed and the suggestion script will take into account the EXTRA characters in the username.

20) Fixed the UTF-8 Characters in Email subjects.

21) Fixed the & or special characters used in admin passwords.

22) The Left menu Slider used to get stuck IF the Drop / Expand button was clicked in rapid succession. This is now fixed.

23) Implemented the new H-Sphere API call. This will solve the Error in Shifting user level bug. This will work only in H-Sphere 3.5 as its a new API Method implemented in H-Sphere 3.5

24) In H-Sphere MySQL Databases were not being created when the users username was greater than 7 characters. This is now fixed.

25) A header - admin_pass - appeared when there was a warning issued before installation of a Script. This is now fixed.

26) Sometimes a Blank Page occured in Softaculous Admin Panel. This is now fixed.

We hope you enjoy this version of Softaculous.

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