WHMCS V4.5.2 Maintenance Release

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Tumben sudah update lagi :D

We are pleased to announce the release of WHMCS V4.5.2.

As is normal with all major updates, this update 4 weeks after the initial release is a roll up of all the changes and fixes that have been made and distributed since the initial V4.5 stable was announced last month. It contains both bug fixes and improvements from the initial feedback we've received from you all. A changelog will be posted below shortly.

As this is a file based update only, no database upgrades are required and therefore no install/upgrade script. It's simply a case of downloading the new files and uploading them to your installation. The version number in your system will then update automatically.

To aid and simplify upgrading, we have created 2 different downloads - there's the full version to be used for all new installations and upgrades from any version earlier than V4.5.1, and an incremental version which only includes folders and templates which have changed, to make incremental updating a quicker & simpler process.

These are both available from the My Licenses section of the client area as usual to download @ www.whmcs.com/members/clientarea.php

Security Patch Notice: V4.5.2 also includes the security patch we announced on Monday here (http://forum.whmcs.com/showthread.php?t=39139) so if you upgrade to V4.5.2, you do not need to apply that patch separately again.
V4.5.2 Changelog

2CheckOut Module: Added options to skip waiting for fraud check before applying payment, and disable recurring subscriptions offering. Also updated callback handling of foreign currency transactions.
Added rounded borders CSS compatability for additional browsers
Ajax Cart Template Updates: Added supprt back for product selection skipping, removed checkout button from sidebar, re-added previous ease-in floating div for chrome/opera compatability, + added instructional note to product domain step to advise of the need to pick a domain before item is added to the cart
Modern & Slider Templates: Updated live product total summary to include taxes, and modified custom fields & security questions to span multiple columns in checkout step to avoid width display issues, also fixed addons page that wasn't displaying no addons available warning properly
Fixed Ban IP link on Order Details page that was giving a token error when clicked
Updated Batch PDF Export tool to support new custom fields, transactions, balance & invoice item grouping functionality
Fixed email signature which was being entity encoded and not allowing HTML
Fixed cron error that was causing failure from duplicate file includes
Fixed cPanel module reseller upgrades failing due to already being a reseller
Implemented workaround for mootools javascript conflict that was causing garbage characters in states dropdown menu
Fixed prorata invoices period end date missing for cycles other than monthly
Non unicode fonts fix for PDF files
Fixed ticket escalation email notifications missing subject
Fixed admin add order domain registration javascript failing with foreign translations which include apostrophies
Improvements to PayPal Subscription handling to not try to create subscriptions for longer time periods than PayPal's system allows
Spelling & language corrections in various client area, reports and admin files
Fix for subdomains containing a dash being blocked + update to improve IDN handling
Fixed view related invoices link from domains details page not including new registration & transfer invoices
Fixed product cancellation automation routines not dealing with Promotional and Client Group Discount line items when cancelling an items renewal
Fixed product deletion not removing associated custom fields
Added support for TLS SSL mail connections in Ticket Flag Notification Emails
Fixed missing stats labels on the new Blend admin template homepage
Added tax settings for determining whether taxes should be applied by default to billable items and custom invoices
Fixed mass mail process where it was not displaying total steps or time left until completion
Added Irish Counties to UK State Dropdown Options
Fixed advanced search by notes not working for both services & domains
Update to cron process to allow skipping disk & bandwidth overage billing via skip_invoices flag
NameCheap Registrar Module: Update from NameCheap introducing Domain Sync Script and improved error handling
OpenSRS/ResellOne Registrar Modules: Domain Sync Scripts updated for improved performance
All LogicBoxes Registrar Modules (ResellerClub): Updates to DNS Record Management Handling
Enom & GlobalSign SSL Modules: Fixed initial certificate status bug
WebsitePanel: Fix to error response handling
API Updates: Currency fix for AddOrder command failing via local API, updated GetClientsProducts to include additional fields, update for GetProducts to allow a comma separated list of product IDs, updates to GetSupportDepartments and GetTickets to adhere to admin user department assignments by default, fix to OpenTicket function & added additional field update options to UpdateClientProduct. Also added logging option to help with debugging API calls.
Language FIle Updates: Updated translations for Dutch, French & Spanish client side, + a new Czech translation for the admin area (Thanks to users who contributed their translations)
sumber: http://forum.whmcs.com/showthread.php?t=39254


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q juga sudah ikut upgrade..oya kenapa ya gabisa login as client..bisa masuk tp waktu klik pilihan seperti domain dan my service keluar lagi,,harus masukin email dan pasword...
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