WHMCS Owned License - Bye Bye Update

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WHMCS tiba-tiba menghentikan support dan update untuk lisensi Owned, per 6 April 2021.
Kabar buruk buat pengkoleksi lisensi Owned WHMCS, apalagi yang belinya mahal :(


We are writing to you to let you know about important changes to owned licenses. Today we are discontinuing owned license support. What this means for you and your existing owned license is as follows:

  • Your WHMCS owned license will continue to function as it does today. You may continue to run your WHMCS installation using the owned license for as long as you would like.
  • You will not be able to purchase or renew support for your owned WHMCS license, effective immediately.
  • If you have an active support agreement with WHMCS for your owned license, we will continue to honor that support agreement until its expiration.

If you do not have support for your WHMCS owned license, and you require product support or you would like to upgrade to a current version, you will need to upgrade to our standard license model. You can obtain a standard license by logging into the WHMCS customer portal (https://www.whmcs.com/members).

Keep innovating, building, developing, designing, and hosting, and know that we continue to make investments to improve everyone's WHMCS experience.

If you require assistance with our standard license model and what license is best suited for you, we are here to help. You can contact Customer Service by opening a ticket at https://www.whmcs.com/submit-a-ticket

- The WHMCS Team


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sudah kuduga, siapa yg belinya pas harga mahal?


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sengaja sekarang karena tgl 30 april nanti versi 7.10 nya dah eol. biar beli lisensi lg buat update :41: panen duit dh tuh


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wahhh baru liat pricelistnya yg terbaru, ternyata juga sama kayak cpanel ada biaya tambahan dijumlah client active.. hedehh


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Mungkin sudah waktunya beralih ke alternatif lain jika dirasa terlalu berat di WHMCS:36: