WHMCS V4.5 Stable - Now Available!

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After several weeks of testing & fine tuning, we are pleased to announce the stable release of WHMCS V4.5!

V4.5 is the culmination of lots of hard work over the past 4 months, with many new features as well as usability enhancements and a real focus on maximising reliability & improving areas that were the most common causes of confusion and problems in the past.

The headline feature (as many of you will already know from our pre-release changelog preview), are the all new, ajaxified and visually appealing order form designs. Including the much-requested introduction of javascript sliders for both product and quantity based option selections, plus the ability to have feature highlights in product descriptions & an automatically generated comparison table of products, as well as a shopping cart based version of the popular Ajax Order Form.

The enhancements to the order system don’t end there though, and in addition to those we also have many exciting new features and improvements to existing areas of functionality in invoicing & billing, domain management, upgrading/downgrading, the support ticketing system, quoting, reporting, and more... We hope you'll take a moment to review our full changelog detailing all the new feature & functionality at the url below:

http://www.whmcs.com/WHMCS V4.5 Changelog.pdf


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makin mantep aja hehehe ..

fiturnya nambah terus ... ayo siapa yang dah update duluan share ya :)

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